Junior Open 2019

26 children fished on what was a great day weather wise. There was a break in the rain and the sun shone through.

27 fish were caught in total.

A massive thanks once again to Mr John May for his continued support and sponsorship. And also thanks to all the other sponsors, we had a great prize table much to the envy of the adults!!


1st  Harrison Izzard    –          7 bass, 1 flounder, 158cm

2nd Lewis Brown       –          1 whiting, 3 flounder 113cm

3rd Jude Bale              –          2 flounder 60cm

4th Ellie Dallow         –          1 conger 48cm

=4th Mary Drury        –          1 conger 48cm

6th Jamie Holland      –          1 eel 47cm

7th Izzy Healey           –          2 bass 43cm

8th Callum Laver       –          1 flounder 39cm

9th Max Miguel          –          1 flounder 35cm

10th Harvey Britt       –          1 eel 34cm

11th Jack Reynolds    –          1 whiting 24cm

Best Flatfish               –          Callum Laver 39cm flounder

Best Round fish          –          Ellie Dallow and Mary Drury 48cm conger