Junior Open 2019

26 children fished on what was a great day weather wise. There was a break in the rain and the sun shone through.

27 fish were caught in total.

A massive thanks once again to Mr John May for his continued support and sponsorship. And also thanks to all the other sponsors, we had a great prize table much to the envy of the adults!!


1st  Harrison Izzard    –          7 bass, 1 flounder, 158cm

2nd Lewis Brown       –          1 whiting, 3 flounder 113cm

3rd Jude Bale              –          2 flounder 60cm

4th Ellie Dallow         –          1 conger 48cm

=4th Mary Drury        –          1 conger 48cm

6th Jamie Holland      –          1 eel 47cm

7th Izzy Healey           –          2 bass 43cm

8th Callum Laver       –          1 flounder 39cm

9th Max Miguel          –          1 flounder 35cm

10th Harvey Britt       –          1 eel 34cm

11th Jack Reynolds    –          1 whiting 24cm

Best Flatfish               –          Callum Laver 39cm flounder

Best Round fish          –          Ellie Dallow and Mary Drury 48cm conger

13th May 2019

Here is a report from John May for the Retired League meet on 13th May……..


Following Kens specimen 11-09 thornback last trip it was John Beers turn this time with a sole of 2 – 03 with the added bonus of a romantic “Dinner for two” and the kitty.

Kens skate won him the monthly “best specimen” tackle voucher awarded by THYERS OF HIGHBRIDGE  for the best fish taken by a club member and certificates from the Angling Trust and BCFSA.

John will receive the certificates will he get the best specimen voucher for May?

Ten of us took part

Rod fished deeper water and caught his first skate

Dean had his rod pulled over the side by a conger while fishing uptide  –  the rod butt had air trapped in it so a few inches were showing as it floated away – he cast a breakaway lead a it – hooked one of the spikes thro an eye and managed to get rod and reel back together with the conger!!!   —  Spawny

I lost my favourite Tilley summer hat  —  last seen floating towards Avonmouth

NEXT ONE      JUNE 10th 10-20  to  14-30


Junior Open 2018

Held 12/05/2019

1st Max Miguel
2nd Tilla Stankiewicz
3rd Jino Tinklin
4th Isabella Healey
5th Oscar Stankiewicz
6th Ellie Dallow
7th Sophie Dallow
8th Reuben Frith
9th Liam Brown
10th Vinnie Nelson
11th Toby Heard
12th Jack Reynolds
13th Joseph Healey
14th Lewis Brown
15th Evan Wilson


Retired League 23/1/2017

Best day of the year – weather wise – sun and flat sea but quiet again with no good fish.

“Redgill” Mike who had been busy the previous day tying rigs – determined to improve on his 2nd place in December – got off to a flying start with a double shot [that almost put a bend in his rod] He walked the length of the pier to book them in with a great smile on his face and said ” got it cracked” — I never saw him again!

Chairman Mike had fished next to 2016 winner The Beer on the last trip and after secretly taking details of his winning rig had spent most of Xmas tying-up copies which did not quite work. The bad news was he blanked but the good news was that he can now sort out even the most complicated of tangles in less than 5 minutes.

006 forgot the camouflage jacket so each time he had a bite they saw him coming across from his observation point on the opposite side of the pier and each time the bite stopped.

Ivor “come to early” lived up to his reputation and was in front for the first part of day but then eased off, Gentleman Mike almost swore, Steve f with a broken deaf aid was enjoying himself in a world of his own, Colin turned up early [for him] – one hour late and John B took it all in his stride

My blood pressure was rising with not a touch until half time when I started catching – even had two double shots!


Me 193 [20] Ivor 74[19] Rich W 54[18] Mike F 39[17] John B 37[16] Colin C 23[15] Mike D 17[14] Steve F 16[13] M Tanner [5]

NEXT ONE FEBRUARY 6th [Mon] fish 10-30 to 14-45. John May.

Christmas Open 10/10/2016

Weston super Mare Sea Angling Association held its annual Xmas Open on Saturday.

In extremely wet conditions 58 anglers braved the conditions to compete in this event.

This competition was measure and release with all fish exceeding 20cm counting. It was fished in two zones (Red & Yellow).

Unfortunately all anglers were plagued with pin whiting and very few fish in size were recorded 9 thornback rays, 6 flounders, 3 codling, & 1 rockling.

All 3 top lengths came from the red zone.

Joint winners of the red zone with 2 thornback rays each were:-

  • 1= Peter Evans from Swansea with 2 Thornback rays. 137cm
  • 1= Chris Stephens from Bridgend with 2 Thornback rays. 137cm
  • 3= Nick White from Weston super Mare with 1 Thornback ray. 80cm

Rob Marshall from Taunton was the winner of the yellow zone with a ray of 75cm.

Club chairman, Mike Tanners son Steve was the top WSMSAA club member and his son Luke the top junior. What a first class tutor Mike must be!

The two optional pools were for the longest round and longest flatfish. Nick White took the round fish pool with a ray of 80cm and Julian Shambrooke took the flatfish pool with a flounder of 34cm each receiving £45.

Weston super Mare SAA would like to thank all who took part. Thanks also to the major sponsor, club member Steve Lodge and all who donated prizes.


Retired League 9/12/2016

The last retired league match of 2016 took place on Clevedon pier on a lovely calm warm day. Although the fishing was hard going with fish being difficult to find, a few nice whiting were caught the best of these falling to the rod of Mike Fryer a fish of 34cm weighing 13oz. Small whiting and small codling made up most of the catches but Mike Dunn managed to take a conger of 91cm on his last cast.

Mike Fryer seemed to have the right bait and method as he led throughout the competition with 3 good whiting plus a couple of smaller fish giving him a total of 106cm. Unfortunately for Mike, another Mike, Mike Dunn pipped him at the post with his conger plus 2 small codling for 120cm. John Beer took third place with 2 whiting and a codling for 46cm.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank John May for organising and running the retired league and I know he will be looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017.


Midweek League 6/12/2016

The final midweek league match for 2016 saw club members return to the thick mud at Burnham Low Light.

This was going to be the final decider for who would win the league as results throughout the year were very close. Was it going to be John Lintern or Russ Tinklin?

I Know that there were plenty of pin whiting and the odd small codling caught however Russ Tinklin did manage to beach a fine flounder of 36cm.

John just managed to beat Russ into second place therefore securing the title of Midweek League winner for 2016.

Thanks must go to John for running the midweek league and to all who have supported it during the year. Hopefully we will see you all again next year. We have seen a significant increase in numbers attending this year and we hope this will continue in 2017.

Next midweek league match is at Sand Bay on March 29th. fishing 19.15-22.15.


Members Xmas 3/12/2016

On a bitterly cold but calm evening 14 club members fished the annual members Xmas competition.

The fishing was a little indifferent with plenty of pin whiting, 1 conger, and half a dozen sizeable flounder were being caught. This is rather encouraging as the flounder fishing in general has been poor compared to previous years.

The winner was Jim Coleman with a conger and flounder which won him a large turkey kindly donated by Tony Tandy.

In second place was Vicky Izzard who is becoming an extremely accomplished angler, with an aquarium of flounder, bass and pin whiting (8 fish).

It has been a tradition of Weston SAA that mince pies are provided on the night and that all entrants take home a prize of Christmas fare for this match.

Weekend League 19/11/2016

Berrow beach was the venue for the final weekend league match for 2016.
The weather forcast was terrible with reports of Storm Angus heading our way and expected that very evening. Although this match was fished in torrential rain at least the wind held off until just after we all left the beach.
There was mixed results for those fishing with numerous bait robbing pin whiting being caught, plus 2 small codling, and 2 thornback rays.
John Lintern cemented his lead in the weekend league with yet another win with 59 points. Mike Tanner came second with 57 points.

  • John Lintern, 4 (1 point Whiting) 1 (5 point Whiting) 1 (50 point Thornback)
  • Mike Tanner, 7 (1 point Whiting) 1 (50 point Thornback) If only one of the whiting was a 5 pointer!

The flatfish pool was not won in this match and had rolled over from the previous match. As this was the last match of the year it was decided that it would be paid out on the longest round fish. John and Mike shared this as both rays measured 81cm, whats the chance of that happening!

Thanks to John for running the weekend league and to all who have supported it during the year. Hopefully we will see you all again next year. We have seen a significant increase in numbers attending this year and we hope this will continue in 2017.

First weekend league match for 2017:- Saturday March 4th, Lower Light, fishing 19.00-23.00.


Retired League 11/11/2016

The penultimate retired league match took part on a fine Novembers day on Clevedon pier. Although weather conditions looked perfect the fish seemed to have other ideas as only 7 fish were caught between the 6 anglers.

With two dogfish Mike Dunn was declared the winner. Dick Hooper was second and Carl Suggett third both catching two pin whiting.

Next outing Friday 19th December. Fishing 10.15-14.30.


Retired League 26/10/2016

There was no stopping John Beer on Clevedon Pier in this match as he was the run away winner with over 3 metres of fish consisting of 2 congers 1 dogfish and several whiting. John May tried his hardest, with a similar catch but with only 1 conger had to settle for second place with 2 metres +. Carl Suggett came a close third with whiting and dogfish.

Next match Friday 11th November. Fishing 11.00-16.00.


RNLI Charity Open 23/10/2016

This years RNLI Charity Open was fished using a new format for the first time by dividing the beach into two zones, A&B with anglers drawing for the zone they fish. This meant that there was no bunching up of anglers in the favourite areas and spreading the anglers more evenly along the beach. Prizes of £150, £100 & £50 were paid to the top three places in each zone and the remaining prizes were awarded alternatively between each zone.

84 anglers took part with 33 registering fish which consisted of conger, ray, sole, whiting, bass and the trusty Weston flounder.


 Zone A

  • Mike Busby, Clevedon, 1 Sole, 2 Bass. 106cm
  • Kevin Daley, Bristol, 1 Thornback, 1 Bass, 1 Whiting. 106cm
  • Phil Thomas, Bristol, 1 Conger. 76cm

 Zone B

  • Andy Madson, Bristol, 4 Bass, 1 Flounder. 123cm
  • Phytos Yianni, Weston-s-Mare, 4 Bass. 106cm
  • John Lintern, Axbridge 4 Bass. 88cm
  •  Top Junior. Cody Hawker, 1 Flounder. 39cm
  • Longest flatfish. John Beer & Rob Marshall, Flounder. 40cm
  • Longest round fish. Phil Thomas, Conger. 76cm

Weston-super-Mare SAA and the RNLI would like to thank all who particpated in this event.

A magnificent £1300 was donated to the RNLI

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