13th May 2019

Here is a report from John May for the Retired League meet on 13th May……..


Following Kens specimen 11-09 thornback last trip it was John Beers turn this time with a sole of 2 – 03 with the added bonus of a romantic “Dinner for two” and the kitty.

Kens skate won him the monthly “best specimen” tackle voucher awarded by THYERS OF HIGHBRIDGE  for the best fish taken by a club member and certificates from the Angling Trust and BCFSA.

John will receive the certificates will he get the best specimen voucher for May?

Ten of us took part

Rod fished deeper water and caught his first skate

Dean had his rod pulled over the side by a conger while fishing uptide  –  the rod butt had air trapped in it so a few inches were showing as it floated away – he cast a breakaway lead a it – hooked one of the spikes thro an eye and managed to get rod and reel back together with the conger!!!   —  Spawny

I lost my favourite Tilley summer hat  —  last seen floating towards Avonmouth

NEXT ONE      JUNE 10th 10-20  to  14-30