Weekend League 04/06/2016

Sand Bay was the venue for the June weekend league match on a lovely calm summers evening.

Catches comprised of Silver Eels(6), Small Bass(8), Flounder(2) & Thornback Ray(1).

The winner was Paul Cox with 2 Silver Eels (100pts). In second place with a Silver Eel and a Thornback Ray (80pts) was Andy Capern and finally in third position was Dick Hooper who caught a Silver Eel and a Bass (51pts).

Mike Salter won the flatfish pool with a Flounder of 34cm.

Mike Tanner did manage to loose a reasonable sized Ray when his shop bought Pulley Rig parted on one of the knots. No he didn’t swear, well not much!

Next match July 3rd at Aust.