Boat League

  • Boat League 08/10/2016 - This years penultimate boat league match took place in Minehead on a glorious October day. As is typical of the fishing at this time of year October can be a difficult month for fishing as the summer fish are beginning to disappear and the winter fish are just starting to show. Between us we managed nine different species with the
  • Boat League 06/08/2016 - This trip proved to be one of our better outings this year with plenty of fish coming to the boat. 14 different species were caught but it was fortunate that the dogfish were not there in abundance. Lots of smoothounds and quite a few bullhuss were caught which is always good fun. There has been a shortage of the smaller
  • Boat League 24/07/2016 - It’s amazing how variable the fishing can be for us boat anglers. On a day when you would expect to catch plenty of fish it was not to be, and in the first 4 hours only 11 fish were caught .We were beginning to think that the highlight of the day was going to be the hearty breakfast we had
  • Boat League 18/06/2016 - The boat reports over the last few weeks were saying that the smoothounds were being caught in abundance in Minehead with one report of Mike Webber and his crew boating over 70, plus other fish between 5 anglers. This was not the case when 9 club members fished the June league match. The fishing proved to be hard going all
  • Boat League 28/05/2016 - Us boat anglers decided that as the tide height was most suitable for targeting the larger species we would have a day fishing further out in deeper water. We were not disappointed and caught 11 different species between us. Some good sized rays were brought to the boat with the best of these falling to the rod of John Thompson,
  • Boat League 23/04/2016 - It was a day of mixed fortunes for those fishing the latest league competition with most of the anglers only able to catch the numerous dogfish and one other species. Of the eight different species boated Kerry Bloomfield hit a purple patch, shocking us all with five species. This mean’t that for the first time in all the years we
  • Boat League 13/03/2016 - The first boat league match of the year took place in lovely warm, calm weather conditions, although it turned very cold later. We know that the fishing can be extremely hard going this early in the year and yet again this proved to be the case. The anglers did however manage to catch about 100 fish of which 67 were