JUNIOR OPEN 2018 (held 12th May 2019!)

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2018 didn’t have a Junior Open. This was due to weather conditions being totally rubbish on the day it was due to be held. It was decided therefor, by way of restoring the balance, that 2019 would have two – one in May (the postponed 2018 Open) and the actual 2019 one in October.

The 2018 Junior Open was held on Weston Town Beach on Sunday 12th May 2019 and it saw 32 young anglers fish in lovely conditions and a total of 20 fish caught.  It was a mixed bag containing flounder, bass, whiting and a couple of eels.

For full results see here – but the top three were:-

1st – Max Miguel

2nd – Tilla Stankiewicz

3rd – Jono Tinklin

As with all Junior Opens, everyone got a prize and for a full gallery of prize winners and some pics of the day, see here.

Our thanks as ever go out to the sponsors, without whom this annual competition could never take place and a special thank you to John May who once again supplied the first prize of a brand new mountain bike.

For a list of all the Junior dates and the dates of all the other meetings, see here. Any youngsters who would like to have a go are welcome to come along to any of the Junior club matches and with prior notice, tackle can be borrowed for the event.

If any further information is required then please call John Lintern on 07874227108.