IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Hinkley C and The Environment

PLEASE ACT BY FRIDAY 26th JULY – This is the closing date of the consultation.

Hinkley C developers NNB/EDF have always preached environmental awareness and stewardship as core values. They stated originally that if an acoustic fish deterrent (ADF) system was installed and utilised, it would keep nearly all fish away from the intakes. Everyone agreed this to be a great idea.

There has now been a decision taken by NNB Generation Company (HPC)/EDF to make an application for NOT implementing this system and thus to possibly renege on the original environmental promise made concerning fish welfare and to state that not implementing the ADF system will have NO effect on any fish kill resulting from the power plants operation.

In point of fact, papers from Peter Henderson, a recognised authority on the effects of Nuclear Power Stations on the surrounding environment, suggest that if the acoustic measures are not put in place and used, the annual fish kill could be in the MILLIONS! He has independently. monitored Hinkley B for Nuclear Power since it opened 40 years ago. Here are his figures:-

Estimated Impingemant Hinkley

In light of this, the Environment Agency has opened a period of public consultation and thus it is recommended that anyone who has an interest in fish stocks, fish welfare or the marine environment, use the following link to respond to the proposal via said EA consultation.

Below is a copy of John May’s response by way of example and as an insight into what is going on:-

E Consultation Hinkley C Response

PLEASE USE THE LINK ABOVE TO HAVE YOUR SAY BY FRIDAY 26th JULY – This is the closing date of the consultation.

JUNIOR OPEN 2018 (held 12th May 2019!)

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2018 didn’t have a Junior Open. This was due to weather conditions being totally rubbish on the day it was due to be held. It was decided therefor, by way of restoring the balance, that 2019 would have two – one in May (the postponed 2018 Open) and the actual 2019 one in October.

The 2018 Junior Open was held on Weston Town Beach on Sunday 12th May 2019 and it saw 32 young anglers fish in lovely conditions and a total of 20 fish caught.  It was a mixed bag containing flounder, bass, whiting and a couple of eels.

For full results see here – but the top three were:-

1st – Max Miguel

2nd – Tilla Stankiewicz

3rd – Jono Tinklin

As with all Junior Opens, everyone got a prize and for a full gallery of prize winners and some pics of the day, see here.

Our thanks as ever go out to the sponsors, without whom this annual competition could never take place and a special thank you to John May who once again supplied the first prize of a brand new mountain bike.

For a list of all the Junior dates and the dates of all the other meetings, see here. Any youngsters who would like to have a go are welcome to come along to any of the Junior club matches and with prior notice, tackle can be borrowed for the event.

If any further information is required then please call John Lintern on 07874227108.

Chairman’s Report 2019

Chairman’s Report – 2019

 Before I start, I would just like to remember Dick Hooper, who we lost at the beginning of last year. Dick was a great asset to the club working hard in the background and is sorely missed.

Thanks also must go to our hard-working committee for taking time out each month to attend meetings and helping to organise the league matches, open matches and the presentation evening each year.

Firstly, a brief recap on our Open matches in 2018.

The spring open had 40 anglers attend. 9 weighed in a total of 10 fish, compared to 2017 when 43 fished 18 weighed in a total of 41 fish.

The RNLI open was attended by 59 anglers 18 of whom caught 24 fish. 23 anglers blanked. Looking at 2017 we had 44 fishing, 22 weighed in a total of 94 fish

Although numbers were down on previous years, we still raised £550 for this most worthwhile cause

The Christmas Open had 35 anglers, 4 weighed in 4 fish compared to 2017 with 38 fishing, 16 of those weighing in a total of 22 fish.

I think just looking at those figures we as a club are not necessarily doing anything wrong, apart from not informing the fish that we were fishing and needed them to come along and take part!

2018 total fish caught in the Opens = 38

2017 total fish caught in Opens = 157 so just about 75% less fish caught in a year’s worth of Open matches.

2018 Junior open had to be cancelled due to an horrific weather forecast and a yellow weather warning being given out as it turned out the wind could have been described as bracing but fishable. Unfortunately, we must be guided by the experts and act on their advice. This match has now been scheduled for 12th May 2019 when hopefully conditions should be more favourable.

The club had great success in the BCFSA boat league.

The club was also fairly successful in the BCFSA winter open when we ended up in 4th place- an improvement on 6th from the year before, although this match was not without drama as one of one club members decide to try and flout the rules by reserving his spot with a beach buddy!

I must also thank our sponsors for their support. Thanks to John May who has sponsored the Junior open for many years.

Steve Lodge sponsors the club with a cheque every year to support either the Spring or Christmas Opens.

Simon Jones from PRV engineering in south Wales sponsors the RNLI open.

We spent rather more than usual on prizes for the RNLI but I think it was worth it to be able to put on such a good prize table.

The club will be hosting the Westward competition this year. Details will be released in the future.

Presentation Evening

This years presentation evening will be held on Saturday 30th March at The Cider Shed, Shipham.  Tickets will be £7.50 per adult to include a buffet, and as usual, kids go free!  Please let Vicky know as soon as possible if you’d like a ticket, as we need to let them know for the catering – 07471 080290

Trophy Winners

Midweek League                                           John Lintern

Midweek League Juinor                               Jack Reynolds

Boat Champion                                              Steve Lodge

RNLI Open Mac Mitchell                              John Beer

Xmas Open Cyril Hill                                     John Lintern

Cod Cup                                                          John Beer – 12lb 7.5oz

Skate Cup                                                       Victoria Izzard – Small Eyed 11lb 2oz

Conger Cup                                                    Victoria Izzard – 25lb

Conger Shield                                                 Mike Jarvis – 21lb 8oz

Flatfish Cup                                                    Victoria Izzard – flounder 1lb 12oz

Whiting Cup                                                   John LIntern – 1lb 4oz

Silver Eel Cup                                                 Sam Roth – 1lb 2.5oz

Bass Cup                                                         Richard White – 3lb 8oz

Ladies Best Specimen                                   Victoria Izzard – small eyed 11lb 2oz, 111.25%

Best Boat Specimen                                      Steve Lodge – smoothound 17lb 2oz, 131.73%

Best Shore Specimen                                    John Beer – cod 12lb 7oz, 124,58%

Best Specimen Junior League                      Reuben Frith 36cm flounder

Alf Payne Most Specie Boat                         Terry Giles 15 species

Junior League Champion                              Oscar Stankiewicz

Junior League Runner Up                             Isabella Healey

Attendance Shield Senior                            Terry Giles

Jubilee Rose Bowl Senior                             Andy Taylor – 50lb tope

Jubilee Rose Bowl Junior                              Harrison Izzard – flounder 1lb 9oz

Junior Open Winner                                     not awarded

Junior Consistent in opens                          Harrison Izzard

Retired League                                              Dean Burfoot

Junior Attendance Cup                                 Harrison Izzard

Weekend League                                          Martin Stockhall

Weekend League Junior                               Harrison Izzard

Combined Boat and Shore                           Terry Giles

Comb Mid and W/end Ladies                      Victoria Izzard

Oggy Cup Members Xmas                            Harrison Izzard

Donald Kear Junior Mem Xmas                   Harrison Izzard

Don Metcalf Best Spec Retired League    John Beer – Thornback, 8lb 9oz

Comb Mid and Weekend                             John Lintern

Clubman of the year                                     ??

Chairmans Trophy                                         ??

Election of Officers

The AGM saw the election of new officers for this year.


Position Officer Nominated Seconded
Chairman Nigel Pepper Vicky Izzard Ken Hucker
Vice Chairman John Lintern Vicky Izzard Nigel Pepper
Secretary Vicky Izzard Russ Tinklin Tony Small
Treasurer Steve Lodge Tony Small Russ Tinklin
Midweek League John Lintern Russ Tinklin Mike Strange
Weekend League John Lintern Russ Tinklin Tony Small
Boat League Steve Lodge Terry Giles Vicky Izzard
Retired League John May Ken Hucker John Lintern
News Editor Mark Izzard Nigel Pepper Vicky Izzard
Membership Secretary Nigel Pepper Vicky Izzard Mike Strange
Cup Custodian Diane Rawles Terry Giles Russ Tinklin
Social Secretary Steve Pruett Terry Giles John Lintern
Press Secretary Mark Izzard Nigel Pepper Terry Giles
Fish Recorder Russ Tinklin Terry Giles John Lintern
Webmaster Mark Izzard John Lintern Terry Giles
Shore Captain John Lintern Vicky Izzard Nigel Pepper
President Terry Giles Nigel Pepper John Lintern


Website and Social Media

Mark has kindly taken on the role of Webmaster and News Editor so do keep checking back to the website which we are going to try and get update and keep up together!  If you have any pictures or articles you would like added to the website please email mark,

Don’t forget, anyone can upload pictures onto our Facebook page, which is just WSMSAA to find, with the club logo as the picture.


On Line Payments

We are looking into the possibility of setting up an on line payments system for the club which we could use for memberships, merchandise and fees… Details to follow when we have them!



Memberships are due, and to those of you who have re-joined, please ensure we do have up to date details for you – it is getting increasingly difficult to ensure we have the right addresses / tel numbers / emails for everyone.  Please drop an email to either Nigel or Vicky with your current details.


Hinkley Point Power Station

Some of you will be aware by now that John May is heading up the campaign regarding fish stocks and fish well being surrounding the development of Hinkley Point C.  We will be updating the website soon with details of this, but everyone’s support would be very much appreciated.

Here’s to a great 2019 – Tight Lines to all Weston Super Mare Sea Angling Association Members

Rescheduled Christmas Open

The 2018 Christmas Open had to be cancelled due to bad weather but has now been rescheduled for SATURDAY 2nd FEBRUARY. Fishing will be from 3:15-6:15 on Weston Beach.

All are welcome.

Get in touch for any further details.

Shark Fishing

Club members, Steve Lodge, Terry Giles, Mike Tanner and the two skippers from Minehead Steve & Mike Webber headed to Milford Haven to try their luck at shark fishing. The boat skippered by Andy Alsop was White Water II a brand new state of the art 11 metre catamaran powered by twin 300 HP outboard engines. What an awesome piece of equipment!

After sailing for about two hours, the rubby dubby was prepared and the drift began. In a fairly short time we saw the first of the blue sharks circling the boat having honed in on the rubby dubby trail. We had decided earlier that Steve Lodge would take the first run and then take it in turns when the runs developed. Steve hooked and boated the first blue of about 100lb and from then on it was steady action throughout the day for all. In total 30 blue sharks were boated (see photo Gallery) all weighing between 35lb & 100lb, although these figures are based on the skippers estimate only.

A fantastic days sport was had by all on a fantastic boat with a fantastic skipper. I strongly recommend shark fishing to anyone who has never tried it.


Bass Conservation Lead Changes

With the recent changes to the bass conservation policy it has been brought to my attention that The Angling Trust will now accept a specimen claim on a length-to-weight conversion. Therefore WSMSAA is also prepared to accept this method for their club awards. This only applies to bass and we will continue to use a registered weight for other species.


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