Boat League 13/03/2016

The first boat league match of the year took place in lovely warm, calm weather conditions, although it turned very cold later. We know that the fishing can be extremely hard going this early in the year and yet again this proved to be the case. The anglers did however manage to catch about 100 fish of which 67 were dogfish. The rest consisted of another 7, although small different species. The catches comprised of conger, bull huss, whiting, codling, rockling, pout, and one lone pollack. The best fish of the day was a conger of about 10lb which fell to Terry Giles. John Thompson caught fish right from the start and left the rest of us in his wake having to play catch up. John however maintained his early lead and was the eventually declared the winner. He was closely followed by Mike Tanner and Rick Crosby.