Dear all…
We’ve had lengthy discussions regarding fishing and COVID-19, and this is what has been agreed.
  • Midweek, Weekend, Junior Leagues and Opens – no further competitions this year.  We will review this in December 2020 ready for 2021
  • Boat League – the boats will now be socials only, run on reduced capacity. There’s a waiting list for the boat, so each trip will be done on a draw basis to see who goes. Speak to Steve L if you are interested in the boats
  • Trophies – no trophies will be presented until 2022 Spring, so you can hold on to the ones you have and we will recall them in Oct 2021
  • Memberships – all existing and new memberships will be valid until December 2021
We hope this is agreeable with you all.  We have not made these decisions lightly and hopefully they will give all members a chance to win some trophies and get back out there in 2021.
As always, keep uploading your pictures and keep us updated on how your doing, and above all, keep safe and well.
Best regards
WSMSAA Committee