IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Hinkley C and The Environment

PLEASE ACT BY FRIDAY 26th JULY – This is the closing date of the consultation.

Hinkley C developers NNB/EDF have always preached environmental awareness and stewardship as core values. They stated originally that if an acoustic fish deterrent (ADF) system was installed and utilised, it would keep nearly all fish away from the intakes. Everyone agreed this to be a great idea.

There has now been a decision taken by NNB Generation Company (HPC)/EDF to make an application for NOT implementing this system and thus to possibly renege on the original environmental promise made concerning fish welfare and to state that not implementing the ADF system will have NO effect on any fish kill resulting from the power plants operation.

In point of fact, papers from Peter Henderson, a recognised authority on the effects of Nuclear Power Stations on the surrounding environment, suggest that if the acoustic measures are not put in place and used, the annual fish kill could be in the MILLIONS! He has independently. monitored Hinkley B for Nuclear Power since it opened 40 years ago. Here are his figures:-

Estimated Impingemant Hinkley

In light of this, the Environment Agency has opened a period of public consultation and thus it is recommended that anyone who has an interest in fish stocks, fish welfare or the marine environment, use the following link to respond to the proposal via said EA consultation.

Below is a copy of John May’s response by way of example and as an insight into what is going on:-

E Consultation Hinkley C Response

PLEASE USE THE LINK ABOVE TO HAVE YOUR SAY BY FRIDAY 26th JULY – This is the closing date of the consultation.